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Remoir Privacy Statement

I. Explanation of Terms

    1. Information that can identify you directly or indirectly such as your name, email or address, or information that could reasonably be linked back to you; and information that is mentioned in your recorded memoir, whatever it may be (hereinafter will be known as “Personal Information”).
    2. Websites, mobile applications, and research services hereinafter will collectively be referred to as the “Services”.
    3. Free registered guests and paid subscribers will all be referred to as “Users”.

II. Introduction

    1. At Remoir, we strive to record and share the story of humanity. We collect, process, and store Personal Information to provide and improve the Services. This Privacy Statement describes our practices for collecting, storing, processing, and streaming your Personal Information and the controls we provide you to manage it within our Services.
    2. Please note: Information about deceased persons is not Personal Information under this Privacy Statement.

III. Account Creation and Your Engagement with Remoir Services

    1. The Personal Information contractually required to create an account with Remoir to view my or my loved one’s personal memoir is limited to your name, an email address, and password. If I choose to search for multiple memoirs for personal and research purposes, my billing information is also required.
    2. By creating an account you are telling us that you understand Remoir will collect, process, and share your Personal Information (including the information recorded in your memoir) as described in this Privacy Statement.
    3. You can request that Remoir take down your memoir from public view at any time. Likewise, you can request your Personal Information not be used for research purposes. You can delete your online account with Remoir. Please see Section X for specific details about deleting your Personal Information.

IV. Collection of Personal Information

Account Information

    1. Required information: your name, email address, self-created password, payment and billing information (if you choose to use the Remoir website for research purposes), such as a credit card number and billing address.
    2. Optional information: you may provide your phone number so we can notify you of monthly payment statements and allow you to enable the multi-factor authentication feature.

Profile Information

    1. We collect the information that you provide when you create a user profile (for example: a profile image, your name, age, or location). Your Remoir user profile information is visible to other Remoir Users, so please consider limiting this information and using a username that is different from your real name to protect your privacy.

User Provided Content

    1. We collect information when you voluntarily contribute to the Services, for example, contributions to community discussions, photos, videos, recordings, and information you voluntarily provide in response to our email surveys or questionnaires available through the Services. This may include health or medical information.

Health Related Information

    1. Remoir is not a covered entity under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”), and as a result no User Provided Content provided by you is subject to or protected by HIPAA.


    1. We host and maintain your communications with other Users through the communications features on our platform, and also collect your information when you communicate with Remoir Member and Support Services, including audio and visual information (such as recordings of calls with Remoir Member Services or information voluntarily shared when participating in consumer insights research).

Contests and Promotions

    1. We collect Personal Information when you voluntarily participate in contests and special promotions we run or sponsor.

Protected Classification and Sensitive Data

    1. We may collect information related to certain protected classifications such as gender or marital status.

V. Collection of Information Through Your Use of Remoir Services

Computer and Mobile Device Information

    1. Remoir collects information about how you access our Services, including the website you visited before and after Remoir’s site.
    2. We also collect the IP address where your computer, mobile device, or the proxy server that you use accesses the Internet, in addition to other technical information, such as your computer operating system, web browser, mobile device identifier provided by your mobile device operating system and your mobile operating system, and the name of your internet service provider or mobile carrier.
    3. Remoir may collect geolocation information from your device with your permission.

Information from Your Use of the Services

    1. We collect information about your use of the Services, such as when you search or access memoir recordings or research data and charts, which pages you view, or links you click, etc., which we may use to infer details about you as a customer and your interests to provide a better experience through search suggestions etc.

VI. How Remoir Uses Your Information

Personal Information

We use your Personal Information to provide, personalize, improve, update and expand our Services by authenticating your access to the Services and improving Remoir information security, processing your payments for subscriptions and features, building new and improving existing Services, helping you find and connect with like minded people, issuing surveys and questionnaires for use in the Services, as well as facilitating product development and research initiatives, conducting scientific, statistical, and historical research, detecting and protecting against error, fraud, or other criminal or malicious activity, and enforcing our Terms and Conditions.


We use your Personal Information to communicate with you about the Services, such as when we respond to your inquiries to Member Services, inform you of changes to Services or new Services, ask you to participate in Remoir advertisements, conducting consumer insights research, or testimonials, and provide you with information or request action in response to technical, security, and other operational issues.

What Information Remoir Shares, With Who, and When Remoir Shares It

Remoir does not share your Personal Information with third-parties except with your additional consent. We do not voluntarily share your information with law enforcement.
Other Users or Others You May Choose to Share With
As part of your use of the Services, you have the option to add or share information with all Users of the Service or through sharing features with individual Users and non-Remoir users.
Information in your public profile will be seen by all other Users.
If you share details of your family history outside the Services, you do so at your own risk.
All Personal Information contained within recorded memoirs will be used for statistical and data analysis purposes. This Personal Information is available to all Users who have a subscription with Remoir.
Law Enforcement
Remoir does not voluntarily cooperate with law enforcement. To provide our Users with the greatest protection under the law, we require all government agencies seeking access to Remoir customers’ data to follow valid legal process and do not allow law enforcement to use Remoir’s services to investigate crimes or to identify human remains.
If we are compelled to disclose your Personal Information to law enforcement, we will do our best to provide you with advance notice, unless we are prohibited under the law from doing so.
Regulatory or Legal Process
We may share your Personal Information if we believe it is reasonably necessary to comply with valid legal process, enforce or apply Remoir Terms and Conditions, protect the security or integrity of the Services, or protect the rights, property, or safety, of Remoir, our employees, or Users.
If Remoir is Acquired
If Remoir is acquired or transferred (including in connection with bankruptcy or similar proceedings), we may share your Personal Information with the acquiring or receiving entity. The promises in this Privacy Statement will continue to apply to your Personal Information that is transferred to the new entity.
Aggregated Data
Remoir may disclose user information in an aggregated form as part of the Services or our marketing, or in scientific publications published by us or researchers. Such disclosure will never include Personal Information.
Your Personal Information Rights and Preferences
All Users may use our online tools to request a report of what Personal Information they have provided to us.
Some laws provide Users with specific rights regarding their Personal Information.
Right of Rectification/Correction – You may have the right to request that we rectify or correct inaccurate Personal Information about you.
Right of Erasure/Deletion – You have the right, in certain cases, to request that we delete your Personal Information, provided there are valid grounds for doing so and subject to applicable law. See Section 10 for information on how to delete your Personal Information.
Right to data portability – You may have the right to receive your certain Personal Information in a format that can be transmitted to another data controller.
You can access and update your Personal Information, such as your public profile, account, site preferences, or email preferences that you provide to Remoir at any time.
Remoir Retention Practices
Remoir principles are based on the idea that the story of humanity is to be shared for generations to come. We believe the story of humanity can only grow and begin to take form the longer we give a platform to all people to share about who they are. This experience is not a one-time event, especially for those desiring to know their ancestors in a meaningful way. Also, in regards to our subscribers who pay subscription fees, the ongoing enhancement of our collections of videos and research data provide benefits and insights to our Users over time. As a result, our retention practices reflect this ongoing value by retaining user accounts on our system until our Users inform us of their desire to delete their data or close their accounts.
Remoir Retention Period
Account and Profile
Remoir will retain the Personal Information you provide while creating your account and your profile until such time as you delete your account.
Remoir Videos
The videos taken of any individual will always be retained. Should the individual request his personal video be taken down from public viewing, the video will be open to private viewing only for the life of the individual. After the life of the individual, the video will be available for public viewing.
Usage Information
We retain usage information (e.g., visits to sites) in a depersonalized or aggregated form. Once aggregated, this information ceases to be personal and will not be subject to user deletion requests.
Deleting Your Personal Information
You can delete your Personal Information from Remoir at any time. You can delete your Personal Information by following these instructions:
If the email address you see on the page is yours, a working email address, and associated with the Remoir account you wish to delete, enter your Remoir password and click Continue. If you’re not signed in to your Remoir account, sign in. If you’re in the wrong account, click your name or username in the top-right corner and select Sign out. Then, sign in to the correct account and start over at step 1. If you need to update your email address, do so and start over at step 1.
In the Your Subscription section, if you understand that the membership listed will be canceled, check the box. Content you’ve shared with others may remain on Remoir.
At the bottom of the page, choose the reason you’re deleting your account and click Next step.
In the menu that appears, click Next step to delete your account. [Note: When your account is deleted, you’ll no longer have access to your Remoir account, and you won’t be able to undo the deletion process. Remoir will delete all your personal data from our systems within 30 days. Even though it takes some time for Remoir systems to delete your personal data, effective immediately after completing the process, you will no longer have access to your Remoir account, research data, saved or preferred searches, or streamed videos.]
When you click Next step, an email containing a verification code will be sent to the email address we have on file for your Remoir account. This verification code is not in your Remoir messages on your account. In a new tab, go to your email linked to your Remoir Account to retrieve the verification code. [The verification code expires after 1 hour, so we recommend checking your email right after clicking this button and completing the process right away. Your account will not be deleted until you enter the verification code from the email into the box in step 6.]
Once you have the verification code from your email, go back to the tab or window you left open and type the code into the Confirm Account Delete box. Click Delete account. This step is irreversible. Once you click Delete account, you will immediately be permanently signed out of Remoir, and you will longer have that Remoir username or password. If you closed the page you were using with steps 1–7 before reaching this step, you’ll need to restart the deletion process, including submitting a new request for a verification code.
You’ll receive an email confirming that your account deletion has been initiated. The deletion process begins immediately, and you will no longer have access to your Remoir account or to anything in your account. The entire process of deleting your account and associated content and data will be completed within 30 days. Because your email address will be deleted from our system, you will not receive any other emails from us confirming that the deletion is complete.
If you have shared information with other Users, Remoir will not be able to remove any copies of information that other Users may have retained, which can only be removed by you personally contacting the other User and asking them to delete it.
We will consider requests for removal of Personal Information on a case-by-case basis in accordance with law.
Remoir maintains a comprehensive information security program designed to protect our customers’ Personal Information using administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.
The specific security measures used are based on the sensitivity of the Personal Information collected. We have measures in place to protect against inappropriate access, loss, misuse, or alteration of Personal Information under our control.
The Remoir Security Team regularly reviews our security and privacy practices and enhances them as necessary to help ensure the integrity of our systems and your Personal Information.
We use secure server software to encrypt Personal Information, and we only partner with security companies that meet and commit to our security standards. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of data will not occur, we use reasonable efforts to prevent this.
It is also important for you to guard against unauthorized access to your Personal Information by maintaining strong passwords and protecting against the unauthorized use of your own computer or device.
Changes to This Statement
We may modify this Privacy Statement at any time, but we will provide prominent advance notice of any material changes to this Statement, such as posting a notice through the Services, on our websites, or sending you an email, to provide you the opportunity to review the changes and choose whether to continue using the Services.
We will also notify you of non-material changes to this Statement as of their effective date by posting a notice through the Services, on our websites, or sending you an email.
If you object to any changes, you may delete your account as described in Section X.
Identity and Contact Details of the Data Controller
Remoir LLC is responsible for the use of your data and for responding to any requests related to your Personal Information.
Email, Phone Number, and Postal Address
514 Americas Way, Box Elder, SD 57719
Law Enforcement Requests
Remoir will release basic subscriber information as defined in 18 USC § 2703(c)(2) about Remoir Users to law enforcement only in response to a valid trial, grand jury or administrative subpoena.
Remoir will release additional account information or transactional information pertaining to an account (such as search terms, but not including the contents of communications) only in response to a court order issued pursuant to 18 USC § 2703(d).
Contents of communications of a Remoir User will be released only pursuant to a valid search warrant from a government agency with proper jurisdiction.
If we receive a valid request under U.S. law to preserve records that constitute potentially relevant evidence in legal proceedings, we will preserve, but not disclose, a temporary snapshot of the relevant account records for 90 days pending service of valid legal process as described above.
Our policy for all requests is to notify users of the request and provide a copy of the request prior to disclosure, unless we are legally restricted from doing so. In the United States, law enforcement officials may prevent this disclosure by submitting a court order pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2705(b) or equivalent state statute that is signed by a judge. We will evaluate requests not to notify users from law enforcement outside the U.S. under applicable law. For all requests, we may also decide, in our sole discretion, not to notify the user if doing so would be counterproductive and we are legally permitted to do so.
How to Request User Information for Law Enforcement
Standard Remoir User Information Request Process
Remoir responds to a valid legal process issued in compliance with applicable law. When requesting user account information, please include:
If available/known, the full name of the subject Remoir account holder, the account holder’s username and the email and/or mailing address associated with the account.
Details about what specific information is requested (e.g., basic subscriber information) and its relationship to the investigation. We are unable to process overly broad or vague requests; and
A valid official email address (e.g., so we may get back in touch with you upon receipt of your legal process.
Requests should be made in writing and should be submitted by certified mail, express courier, or in person at the addresses listed below; and an additional copy may be sent by email. We do not accept legal process by email or fax unless the request is an emergency request. Our contact information is available at the bottom of this Guide. Written requests must be made on law enforcement letterhead and be signed by the responsible law enforcement officer.
Emergency User Information Request Process for Law Enforcement
If there is an exigent emergency that involves the danger of death or serious physical injury to a person that Remoir may have information necessary to prevent, law enforcement officers can submit an emergency disclosure request by mail or by email to with subject “Emergency Disclosure Request” from a valid official email address. We may notify the user of this request after the fact in accordance with our policy as described above.
Please include all of the following information in an emergency disclosure request:
Clear indication on your cover sheet, which must be on law enforcement letterhead, that you are submitting an Emergency Disclosure Request.
Identity of the person who is in danger of death or serious physical injury.
The nature of the emergency (e.g., report of suicide, bomb threat).
If available/known, the full name of the account holder, the account holder’s username and the email and/or mailing address associated with the account whose information is necessary to prevent the emergency.
The specific information requested and why that information is necessary to prevent the emergency.
All other available details or context regarding the particular circumstances.
The signature of the submitting law enforcement officer.
A valid official email address (e.g., and phone number so we may get back in touch with you.
Submission of Requests
Please note that we may not respond to email correspondence sent to the below email address from non-law enforcement officials.
Requests for user information from U.S. law enforcement should be directed to:
Mail Address
Remoir LLC Attn: Legal Department, Law Enforcement Request 514 Americas Way, Box Elder, South Dakota 57719
Email Address
Receipt of correspondence by any of these means is for convenience only and does not waive any objections, including the lack of jurisdiction or proper service.

I acknowledge that I have received this Remoir Privacy Statement and understand that it is my responsibility to read and comply with the policies described in this Privacy Statement and any revisions it may have in the future. I have read and understand the Remoir Privacy policies and standards outlined in this Privacy Statement.
A facsimile or e-mail transmission of a signed version of this Agreement shall be legal and binding on the applicable party.