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You Watch. We Record.

Discover new memoirs and help record the story of humanity.


Stories You’ll Love

By watching memoirs on Remoir you are funding the recording of stories for people of all backgrounds that can’t afford it. Remoir gives 85% of your cost to this mission. We connect people sharing their memoir with those that want and need to hear it.

History in the Making

By watching you are: Reconnecting younger generations with older generations. Building a witness to the meaning of life through collective data on life’s biggest questions. Giving families a way to find videos of their ancestors and get a first-hand account of their ancestors’ views instead of secondary or third point of views via photos, memories, and recorded events. Documenting and recording memoirs for research, data, analysis, and pursuit of truth. Providing an affordable and accessible option for recording people’s stories using a thoughtful interview format. Making it a capstone for people’s lives to have their memoir recorded. From now on history will be from the individual and not through the filter of war, poltics, and celebrities.

Capturing the Story of Humanity

Remoir is capturing and sharing the story of humanity one memoir at a time. We believe that all people have intrinsic value. We strive to give opportunity for the fundamental desire of being known by recording people’s memoirs. All people desire to be noticed and valued, share their life stories, and be remembered for many generations.